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My name is Alisha Winn. For many years I have been over weight. I struggled with fog in my brain, lacking in energy and struggled with Binge Eating. I would eat until I was stuffed when no one was home, and then try to starve myself as a consequence to get “back on track”. I was a mess….The programs I offer are what were game changers for me. At first I was sceptical like this could never work for me I have tried everything. But I made the jump and I did my first program I offer called the 21 Day Reset Cleanse. It did wonders for me. I then continued and started on my 90 Day Transformation system and soon added other elements to that. I am happy to say that after a few months I have lost 50 lbs and no longer get that 3:00 pm slump. The fog that was such a part of my life is no longer there. So how can this help you?

I empower Women to feel sexy in their own skin and help them get the energy that is needed to accomplish all that the day brings and more. I help with that fog in the brain. By learning what your goals are I am able to place you in a program that is guaranteed to help you succeed, when implemented correctly.

I am a certified Health Coach, and I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Studies with an Associates Degree in Social Science.

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