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So how did I end up writing this post on sugar? I love to indulge in ice cream!!! More importantly than that I do not have to hide my indulging moments. But I could not always say this. I spent many years as a closet eater. I would eat only when I was a lone or when I thought no one was watching. I found myself getting bigger and bigger with no end insite. I was always tired, my brain in a constant fog and never really knowing why. I was embarrassed to go anywhere constantly feeling judged by any onlookers.

I knew something had to change. That is when I discovered this thing that changed everything. At first I was skeptical, like, that approach will never work for me. But then I followed through in a way I never have before.

Within a month I lost 30 lbs, my face began to clear up of any acne and the fog in my mind went away. My pain in my feet that I would feel everyday subsided. I felt better than I had in years.

That’s when I developed a system called The Total Body Transformation to teach people how to kick the sugar habit without giving up sweetness. At first I used only on myself and am happy to say that for the last few month I have mostly kicked the sugar habit and feel completely transformed using these exact steps that I am going to teach you today. Now it is my goal to help you connect the dots and show you EXACTLY how you can do this too, no matter how far off track you have fallen.

You are in the right place if:

  1. You’re wondering why you crave sugar at certain times
  2. You’re done reinventing the wheel and you want someone to tell you what works and what doesn’t-FOR REAL
  3. You want to discover what is keeping you stuck so you can get unstuck
  4. You’re ready to finally get this sugar and food thing handled so you can allow your best self to shine.

If these describe you then you are in EXACTLY the right place. In fact, if this is you it’s no accident that we’re together.

Today I am going to show you how to kick the sugar habit without giving up sweetness, so you can experience a total transformation that gives you your best body, your best moods, and your best life ever. And we have a limited amount of time so I will teach you as much as I can about our topic today and then I promise before the end I’ll show you how to take it further if you want to.

CHALLENGE #1: The first challenge is wondering why the heck you have a sugar craving in the first place, why those cravings feel out of control, and what to do about it.

CHALLENGE #2: The second challenge around kicking the sugar habit is that no one wants to do it, because it feel so GOOD to eat it. Right?!

Let’s take a quick look at what’s happening in the body when you eat sugar, and why we experience that awesome sugar high.

Products containing lots of sugar usually do not contain lots of fiber, fat or protein. Fiber, fat and protein slow down the sugar absorption, so when those nutrients aren’t present , your body sugar shoots up really fast like to the top of a roller coaster.

Now at the top of the roller coaster, your brain is alerted. Your brain uses about 50% of your body sugar at any given time so any drastic rise or fall in your blood sugar levels cause your brain to flip out. So when you’re blood sugar spikes up your brain and your body aren’t happy-to YOUR body THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!!!

So what does your body do? Your pancreas secretes the hormone INSULIN to bring your blood sugar back down.

Here’s the problem. We have spent a lifetime eating a lot of high-sugar, processed products- so insulin has gotten really used to doing its job too well.

When insulin is sent out, it doesn’t just bring your blood sugar back down into balance, there’s often too much insulin secreted, and our blood sugar dips way down. And that is the blood sugar crash you feel after the sugar high- that shaky spaced out uncomfortable feeling.

SO, you have had a blood sugar crash- now what does your body crave when you are down there, in the middle that nasty crash? MORE SUGAR!

And so the up and down cycle continues because your body is actually trying to find blood sugar balance. So the sugar craving is your body’s way of saying it needs something specific to restore this balance.

Solutions: There are 7 Solutions to Sugar Cravings.

  1. Check your bevvies!!! Sounds crazy, but sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration. SO pound a glass of water, wait 5 minutes and then see if you still have the craving.
  2. Satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet veggies, fruit or spices: Your tongue has sweet taste buds that demand to be satisfied so don’t hold out on ’em! Add naturally sweet foods & spices to your diet like squash, yams, carrots, beets, berries, figs, apples, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, cloves, and cardamom.
  3. Sleep: For many of u, this is easier said than done. But if you’re constantly tired, your body is going to look for energy, usually in the form of sugar or caffeine. Power down an hour earlier than usual, and notice how your cravings disappear.
  4. Check your protein: This is a fun, cool fact-watch how much protein and what kind of protein you’re eating, especially animal protein. Eating too little animal protein or too much leads to massive sweet cravings. When I work with clients we find just the right sweet spot for protein intake so they feel satisfied.
  5. Sniff out low-fat and fat free foods: When food manufacturers take the fat out of the food, what do they put in? YEP, sugar.
  6. Move Yo’self!!!: Movement is another kind of food your body needs. It releases stress, makes you feel great and look great. When you don’t get enough the body starts to look for other ways to blow off steam like binging on snickers bars…
  7. Create NEW post-meal rituals: If you’re a “dessert after your meal” person, one of things you might love about that is the ritual of it. What are other possibilities of post-meal rituals?

Some of you are going to want to take this further and deeper. As promised, I’d like to share with you how you can do that.

Who feels 100% confident that you can walk away from this and kick sugar once and for all?

Well, that’s because we’ve actually left out 3 key ingredients that puts all of this together. Without these 3 ingredients we stay in the same patterns and repeat the same old behaviors that keep us stuck.

Some of us do really well for a little while. We get some new information, renew our commitment to follow through, take consistent action for a week or two. We convince ourselves that “this time it’s going to be different” and then, what happens? Our motivation fizzles out, we fall off track.

Knowing what to do is not enough: its not what motivates us to action. We are suffering from high fact diet. We’ve got a lot of theory, but we’re not putting it into practice The 3 key ingredients that bring this all together are:

  1. The right System
  2. The right Support
  3. The right Accountability

We have information. You don’t need more information. What we DO need to “make this time different” is someone to encourage our progress, and someone to kick us in the butt when we make poor choices.

I would like to invite you to a free initial Kick Your Cravings Session.

This is a 45-60-minute private consultation where we’ll look at what you’re cravings mean, why you’re stuck and how to get unstuck, and what your plan of action is to experience a total body transformation.

Invest 45-60 minute of your time, and I guarantee you will walk away with at least one major aha about how to break out of the rut and get into action.

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